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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SwiftHost.net is devoted to respecting the privacy of our customers.

Our customers must provide some personal information, typically including name, address and telephone number. This information will only be used to support your relationship with SwiftHost.net. It will never be sold or disclosed to a third party.

Our web server may log information such as your IP address and ISP. This is purely a statistic, analyzed by only our staff to improve our service to you.

SwiftHost.net links to many other web sites. We cannot guarantee these web sites have the same privacy policy as us.

We may use information on your browsing activity to improve our site. No Third-Party will be given any of your personal information.

When you purchase SwiftHost.net services you provide us with your contact and payment information. Contact information may include your name, address and telephone number. Payment information is typically your credit card number or PayPal email address.

SwiftHost.net manage information on your hosting account and customer logs. We may store emails you send to us for reference use.

We use the contact information you provide us to establish our service for you. We use payment information for payment processing purposes only. We create and maintain other information such as customer account status, choice of services, and customer logs in the normal course of providing service. We use the information you provide to create a service for you. We will use your payment information for payment processing only.

SwiftHost.net may also use stored information to send you system information/status or information about new or upgraded products.

SwiftHost.net will never disclose your personal information unless we we believe that it is necessary to do this to take legal action against you.

SwiftHost.net will not disclose any of the contents of any emails you send us to any third party unless we have to to provide you service, it is required to protect the interests of us or our customers, it is needed to cooperate with legal processes that we believe are valid, it is needed to provide to a law enforcement agency when the contents of the email are inadvertently or accidentally obtained by SwiftHost.net and we can infer commission of a crime. SwiftHost.net may block you from access to our services. We may do this if we believe you are going to defraud or cause harm to SwiftHost.net, or break SwiftHost.net's Terms of Use.

SwiftHost.net reserves the right to send service announcements of our services at our discretion.

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